A Pretty Good Breakfast Spot

Kevin & Sandy treat Circa ‘62 as an extension of their home, where they raised a half dozen or so kids, entertained friends & grandkids by preparing seasonal and simple, well-made food raised in the neighborhood. It is all about bringing family and friends together to celebrate life. Circa ‘62 is a tribute to the “Great American Breakfast” coupled with an eye for fun and unforgettably warm hospitality...


Weekday breakfast
Monday, Thursday + Friday, 8AM - 11AM :: We are closed TUESDAYS

Weekend breakfast
Saturday + Sunday, 8AM - 1PM

Reservations at Circa

We'd like to take your reservation, we really would... We probably know who you are... we absolutely know who you know... but we still cant take a reservation.

Due to our modest size, we can only accommodate parties of 6 or fewer at a single table. Larger groups may need to be seated at separate tables.

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