The Spa

Custom Spa Additions

Mendocino Time (may be added to Creekside massages only)

Enhance your retreat and luxuriate in extra massage time. Choose longer "all over" body time, or select a focus area such as back, neck, hands, or feet!

  • 15 minutes: $23 ~ 30 minutes: $45

Zen Head

Warmed, fragrant oils and pure botanical extracts selected for their rich nourishing qualities are massaged into your hair and scalp. Hot towels are applied for your added contentment. Choose from one of our many intoxicating and therapeutic blends in a base of jojoba and grapeseed oils.

  • 15 minutes: $45

Himalayan Salt Body Polish

We combine bioenergetic Himalayan salts, which contain 84 minerals and trace elements essential to health, with the rich, nourishing oils of jojoba, grapeseed, avocado and aromatic pure plant extracts to stimulate circulation and condition your skin. The exfoliation leaves your skin renewed and smooth. A quick rinse in the shower leaves you ready for your massage.

  • 30 minutes: $79

Blissful Feet

Bliss for the feet begins with a fragrant hot towel sauna and relaxing pressure to calves and feet. Then warmed oils and heated, polished stones are used to massage your feet, calves and toes. Toe-tally grounding!

  • 30 minutes: $70