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The Spa at Schoolhouse Creek Menu

We have a variety or treatments available that will take you away from the everyday and return you to a blissful time.

Schoolhouse Massage

Melt away your tensions with our swedish-based Schoolhouse massage. Integrating therapeutic techniques and just the right amount of pressure, this massage will leave you relaxed and with an overall feeling of wellbeing. The perfect start to your vacation at the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek.

60 minutes: $95

Enhance your treatment and luxuriate in extra massage time. Choose longer "all-over" body time, or select a focus area such as back, neck, hands or feet.

15 minutes: $23 ~ 30 minutes $45

Tandem Massages

Tandem Massages

Enjoy your massage or spa treatments together! Our Yurt provides the perfect space for two massages tables, two therapists and you. Take a soak in our ocean view hot tub before the treatments and you'll be right there. Just select treatments of equal length and add prices. Please give us as much notice as possible to accommodate your scheduling preferences.

Hot Rocks Massage

Hot Rocks Massage

Smooth basalt rocks selected for their heat retaining qualities are expertly integrated into a full-body massage, taking relaxation to a new level. The penetrating heat naturally soothes and relaxes muscles as our botanical extracts enhance the treatment even more. If it has been more than six months since your last massage it is highly recommended that you select a hot rocks massage to maximize the benefit from your body work.

90 minutes: $170

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Advanced techniques and modalities specific to chronically tight muscles and areas of tension are incorporated into the massage for a soothing therapeutic treatment. Botanical extracts are selected to aid circulation, relaxation and healing. If you have more than one focus area please add more time. 

75 minutes: $145 ~ Additional 15 minutes at $25

Prenatal Massage

Treat yourself to a release from the aches of your transforming body. This massage relaxes the muscles, and helps them ease into their changing functions.  Our skilled massage therapists take the utmost care to ensure an enjoyable and safe body work experience for both participants using pregnancy appropriate techniques and aromatherapy.  Extra care is taken with bolsters and pillows to support you for total relaxation and a reconnection with your body during this time of sacred creation.

75 minutes: $125

Reiki Renewal

Reiki is a deeply relaxing, stress reducing, nurturing treatment in which the client remains clothed and the therapist administers light, non invasive touch.  You will feel renewed in body, mind and spirit.  For the ultimate Reiki experience, a one hour four hands treatment is also available with two therapists just for you for $160.

60 minutes: $85