Theater and Arts

Mendocino County is well known as a home to many fine artists, potters and sculptors of iron, wire and steel. Their work is on display in a variety of small art galleries within the town of Mendocino, which can make for a pleasant morning or afternoon stroll. You can also visit the Mendocino Arts Center for even more local talent, plus take 2 day art classes that adults and children can participate in throughout the year.

At night, catch a show at the Mendocino Theatre Company. Their productions of great literary works, modern comedies and more are sure to leave you stage struck! Plays are held Thursday through Sunday most of the year. Fort Bragg and the Gloriana Opera Company also offer a different kind of professional theater with select musical comedies, dramas and classics.

Finally, there are a few Mendocino museums that may enhance your visit with the area's history and culture. The Kelley House Museum hosts speakers and special exhibits to go with their guided tours, which are held on weekends. Even locals can learn things they didn't know before!

The Ford House Museum is a second option in town. In addition to presenting historic photographs, models and Native American artifacts, the museum also serves as a Visitor's Center for Mendocino Headlands State Park. This makes it easy to pair a visit here with a walking tour of Mendocino.

Be sure to ask our Inn staff for a list of art galleries you can visit and current performances available during your stay in Mendocino. You may be surprised at how many things there are to do on your next trip!

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