Anderson Valley

The Anderson Valley is one of the great grape growing regions in California. Located in the scenic Highway 128 corridor, the valley is comprised of several growing regions and appellations.

What were once large parcels of land supporting cattle and sheep are now being developed into vineyards. As you pass along highway 128 you will see new and old vineyards in the valley and on the hills. There are just as many tucked behind the hills out of site and worth exploring. Many of these grapes are sold to wineries outside of the valley to enhance that winery’s product.

There are 20 wineries in the valley, 16 of which have daily tasting and two which serve superior champagne. A few tasting rooms charge a few dollars to taste but will deduct the tasting amount from any purchase. All of the tasting rooms have entrances along highway 128.

You will pass through three appellations as you travel through the area. Traveling west on Hwy 128 you will enter the “Yorkville Highlands” as you cross into Mendocino County at mile marker 50. At mile marker 33.89 you will enter the “Anderson Valley” appellation. The Mendocino Ridge appellation is on the ridge tops along both sides of highway 128. The difference is weather, elevation and soil types. Yorkville is at 945 feet and the valley floor at Boonville at only 375 feet. The higher elevation of the Yorkvillle area produces a significantly different quality grape than the valley floor.

The Anderson Valley is known to be America’s Greenest Wine Growing Region. The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek provides a wonderful starting or stopping point to explore this diverse wine-growing region or to simply sit back and enjoy an amazing Mendocino Coast sunset with a glass of delicious local wine.

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